Monday, 21 August 2017

My Autobiography Plans

Hello there! Nya~
Welcome to my- Nico, Nico nii~!
Sorry about that, I have this virus called 'NicoNi' it's where you can't stop saying 'Nico, Nico nii~!'

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Title: First Snow
Fresh flakes gliding down
Softly in the wind.
It wasn’t much
But it’s gentle touch
Whispers to me
While snowflakes blew
Sunbeams shone brightly on the freshly covered ground-
The small field of white, growing larger
Someone makes a snowball-a thrower
It isn’t much, but for me, it’s an achievement.

Sunday, 17 January 2016


The moody cloud
Spits out a crystal teardrop
To start a rain

 -Emily Choo
Every morning
I hear a bird
Singing a song

-Emily Choo
Every night clouds turn black,
The sun sleeps, the moon awakes,
and stars shine

-Emily Choo

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The warm falling past

In 2004, March 26 I was born. When I was about four or five years old, we moved to Houston, Texas, U.S.A. When we first drove to our new house, the ducks came and welcomed us from the duck pond in our new neighborhood. There was a park next to a tennis area where we used to collect tennis balls. We had next-door neighbors and their names were Grace and Annie. They both worked at a Chinese school which I used to go.
My house was not that big, but upstairs there were a lot of rooms. My house was something like a race track because it went round and round. I used to get lost in the house by going round until I realised that the downstairs bit goes around and around. My room upstairs was not too big but everything was in place. Once you come into my room, the front of the bed (where you put your head) is against the wall on your right. But on the left is a shelf with plushies (or stuff like that). The toilet is connected to another room which is my younger sister Evie’s room. Compared to my room, her room looks blue and mine is pink, her room is as well empty.
The morning's gold sun, shone into my window, waking me up like an alarm clock. When I am going down to the living room, I walk across the little bridge (well not really) to the stairs and scuttle slowly down to the living room. There was a large sofa and a television there and as well, the kitchen wall has fruits on it, and other stuff that you see in a kitchen.

It was moving day. The house was full of boxes and it was kinda hard to get around, but it looked like a giant box fort in the whole house. We were going back to  Kuala Lumpur, because of one reason: dad’s job being an engineer (Works at the other building of KLCC not the shopping mall).

It was time we said goodbye to our next door neighbors. Me and my little sister Evie went next door to Grace and Annie’s house to watch a film, eat, and explore the house a little more because we won’t be seeing them anymore after we’ve moved. When our parents were done packing, we were off, to my new life.
When we finally reached  Kuala Lumpur, , I noticed the apartment that I was born in  looked both different and the same because it had been three or so years not being in the apartment. I also noticed there were origami papers on the walls drawn by me when I very young. I felt that I was time traveling to me drawing. When my old hamster (Bubbles) died, we went to a pet store and saw three kittens in the pet shop. I liked the kitten with blue eyes, and black around its face (mouth), unfortunately it was taken then. The next one was a fully chocolate coloured kitten and he had topaz eyes, but the thing was, its tail was crooked, so on to the last one. The last one had five colours: orange, striped gray, black, creamy white and brown (Her main colour was white.) Her chest was as fluffy as touching soft feathers. Her tail wasn't crooked and was raccoon striped. Gold beautiful eyes. I realized we may have left the home I loved in Houston, Texas behind, but I liked it here better, because we have a perfect little cat. We named her Creamy.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Collaboration searching for a definition


When a team is arguing and disagreeing, she is there, Collaboration. She is there to sort out the problem and put more ideas with more detail until everyone agrees and work together. Collaboration wants everyone to be happy working together.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Tiny story

  1. A reader of imagination in imagination book land, stuck in a book unable to get out.
  2. Enjoying every word what the characters said.
  3. Reading with imagination what things or characters looked like.
     4.  An artist, but, in my own head and words, because I’m not a professional at art.
     5. I’m drawing a masterpiece that only I understand.

     6. A traveller around the World seeing new places or places I’ve already seen.
     7. Exploring more in places I’ve already seen and new places.


Artist, but, in my own head, I’m drawing a masterpiece that only I understand.

Depending on when you met me...


A competitive chess player, a bird scarer, a playful person, a video game person, a technology fun person, a sneaky person, a shopoholic, a small group person, an easily laughable person, an ant assassin, an organized person, a nature lover, and a person who loves drawing.